About me:

Telling stories is something I have always wanted to do. I decided that my ultimate goal was to create original music for my very own narrative-driven video games, films, and also collaborative projects, all of which has led me down a very diverse path. I am constantly discovering new things, and striving to create meaningful experiences.

Where I need to be is surrounded by music; put me anywhere from recording, mastering and mixing to composing music for film and video games, to experimental noise for art installations,  or producing classic hip-hop instrumentals, or a bedroom rock album, and that's where I want to be. Forever, sonically growing.

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Professional Experience:

Assistant  – Sudan Archives  –  2023

Worked as an assistant / assistant mixing engineer for Sudan Archives at the Mission Creek Festival during her tour in 2023.

Music Composition and Production  – Black Label Music, Minneapolis MN 2022 - present

Work weekly with Ken Brahmstedt on originally produced, recorded and mixed music for media licensing, covering a diverse range of genres. Two of my pieces were chosen for  officially licensed albums, which grant royalties.

Music Composition and Production ROJI'S ROOM Video Game Soundtrack, Home Studio MPLS. MN 2017-2021

Recorded, mixed, and composed original music for a video game developed by Jaeroll (Spicyroll Studios).

Music Composition and Production KHIO Video Game Soundtrack, Home Studio MPLS. MN 2019

Recorded, mixed, and composed original music for a video game developed by Necavare.

Sound Design Lilly's London Series on Amazon Prime, MPLS. MN 2019

With input from the director and producer, I created the sound design for the pilot of the Lilly's London series, which is currently airing on Amazon Prime. I also did the foley work, and created moments in the episode where background noise would become birds doing the melody, car honks doing the rhythm, etc.
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Sound Design The Manhattan Toy Company, MPLS. MN 2017

Designed and created the music used in their toy demo / description short videos used on Amazon and their Manhattan Toy website.
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Music Production Home Studio, MPLS. MN 2015-2022

Played my own instruments including piano, Moog, and guitar along with virtual instruments to create music, that I composed, recorded, mixed, and mastered using FL Studio. Some of these albums have been consistently selling on Bandcamp. I also mixed, mastered and produced the instrumentals for the rap/pop album ‘Dear, Stargirl’ by mannypnz.


SFCM Sony Music student collaboration project Second choice.

Sony acquisitioned all San Francisco Conservatory of Music – Technology and Applied Composition students to compose music based on images, a style guide and a narrative they presented for a video game. Sony specifically chose their top favorites to be recorded professionally with the Sony live orchestra. I was given creative control in the process of recording the music alongside the Sony producers. The producers picked the piece they thought fit the Love theme the best, and I was second place among all students including the gruaduate degree students.

You can find that piece here:                     *[soundcloud]


– Software:

    Logic Pro
    GMS 2
    FL Studio

    Adobe Premiere Pro

    Pro Tools

Adept at using, navigating and learning new technologies and problem solving with them; Very knowledgable of PC troubleshooting.

Familiar with music theory, mixing and mastering fundamentals, and the live recording process.

Good listener who takes constructive criticism and tries to adapt and learn from it.

I have a passion for archiving, collecting and preserving rare music, which is forever a source of inspiration for me. Check out the project here:
   *[faded dust collections]


SFCM: San Francisco Conservatory of Music: BS Technology and Applied Composition Program.

Currently a second-year student with a grade A average.